Disruptive Juxtaposition

Saturday, January 27, 2007

All-Cousin Holiday Soiree, 2007

Mary and Elizabeth, sisters extraordinaire, neither one of whom has ever dropped me on my head, here reminisce about their SNES Super Ghouls'N'Ghosts skills circa 1992. Wait, no: that's me doing the reminiscing.

A veritable Who's Who of family. A shiny dime to the first one who finds Winston Churchill. Photo by Kristin (love you).

George listens skeptically to an explanation about the rudeness of pointing, indifferent to the courtesy I'm showing him by making my point without pointing. Plus, I seem to be boring even myself.

Jodi: "Oh, Edward."
Edward: "Oh, me."

This snapshot either preceded or followed a fantastic story involving a potential intruder, a set of footprints in the snow, a teenage peeping tom, a house full of lesbians hot-tubbing it in the moonlight, and Edward's unimpeachable morality. But I forget the details.

Up way too late, Max announces his intentions to rule the world Mussolini-style.

The next morning had a flurry of snow on it and on my car. Kris snapped this from the inside as Alec and I struggle to stay upright and clear the windshield in the gale-force 2 mph winds.

Max and Alec enjoy getting the obligatory manual-labor phase of life out of the way early.

No matter what his grin might imply, Max does not plan on running after the car as he unleashes a fusillade of snowballs.