Disruptive Juxtaposition

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fishing for that big blue marlin of a job

Dropped five new lures into the employment ocean today. I've been at the previously-mentioned DTUT cafe, dealing with frequent, frequent WiFi interruptions. I look forward to the day when *the world* is covered with solid WiFi coverage, which may sound to some dystopian, but by *the world* I suppose I mean *wherever I am when I'm applying for work*. I mean, who needs the Internet in the middle of the ocean? Mermaids?

Work on "Safety Culture" proceeds apace. Sam Beam, the too-talented-for-school force behind sad band Iron & Wine, responded to a producer's expressed interest with I believe two, possibly three albums' worth of material. This material became "The Creek Drank the Cradle." Somewhat more well-known an anecdote: Ryan Adams recorded four albums' worth of material after "Gold", shelved most of it, and came out with "Demolition". I don't think that "Food Bed Gospel" and "Safety Culture" are collapsible... although it's good to know that there are other foolhardy over-producers out there, doing alright by their mamas.

There's an open-mike taking shape here, and it proves to be awkward at best. Better split.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Past Three Days "Cheers and Jeers" Sum-Up


~ The line for and performance of the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park production of
As You Like It. This is an all-day affair: the free tickets are some of the more sought-after commodities in this city, and the line can go for a mile. But the line is in Central Park, and everyone comes with blankets and bagels and good spirits, and fifers play their fifes. No better line experience exists that I know of.

~ Superchunk's
Here's To Shutting Up. A particular highlight is "Florida's On Fire", track 4, the opening electric guitar of which makes the melody sounds as though it'll fall right on the beat, but when the drums-et-al kick in in the seventh measure its instantly clear that the melody falls between the beat. Consistently satisfying.

~ Stevie Wonder, for any- & everything.

~ DTUT, which, while a hike from Washington Heights, may have finally solved my WiFi + coffee + good atmosphere math problem.


~ The intermittent-at-best WiFi at the Mid-Manhattan branch of the NYPL. I'd rather be at Countee Cullen.

~ Unabashed people-watchers. This fellow at said branch won't stop with his undisguised, openly-smiling study of the (admittedly interesting) folks surrounding him.

~ Rainstorms which, even though you knew it was going to rain, even though you're two blocks from your destination, attain full rainstormhood just before you make it where you're going.