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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Speak Yugoslavian?

If you speak Yugoslavian and have any desire to help me out on a translation project, please let me know. I realize the small audience of this site might make the odds of your speaking Yugoslavian relatively small, but maybe your dad's friend's uncle's old roommate's lawyer's estranged son summered in I dunno Corfu or somewhere like.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a musical return!

Who knew it would be Dan Deacon who would tempt me out of my blogging hiatus? I have to tell as many people as possible about this guy.

Also these chaps:

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Mortar Strike Hits Girls' School in Baghdad.


How (not) to Drive a Humvee in Baghdad.


Vlogger Jimmy Burns in a very possible Baghdad.


Baghdad goes global.

Results, jazz, results

No dice on the Washington Square Summer 2007 Poetry Prize (although it's nice to be a finalist). Likewise on a Colorado Review submission. Cue up that Charlie Brown Christmas "Christmastime Is Here" jazz track used to such uproarious "woe-is-me" effect in Arrested Development. Just joking.


Wynton Marsalis Septet, Blue Interlude. It's a concept disc about an extended love affair. Here's Wynton himself explaining it: "It's about two people becoming one - very delicious - slice of spirit."


Wrote a poem this AM about a kid in college who, while brushing his teeth, leaned too hard on the sink fixture such that it, the sink fixture, broke away from the wall entirely, thereby unleashing this torrent of water into the bathroom. The rooms below the bathroom, unfortunately, belonged to two freshmen, and their material goods did not fare well in the deluge.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

All-Cousin Holiday Soiree, 2007

Mary and Elizabeth, sisters extraordinaire, neither one of whom has ever dropped me on my head, here reminisce about their SNES Super Ghouls'N'Ghosts skills circa 1992. Wait, no: that's me doing the reminiscing.

A veritable Who's Who of family. A shiny dime to the first one who finds Winston Churchill. Photo by Kristin (love you).

George listens skeptically to an explanation about the rudeness of pointing, indifferent to the courtesy I'm showing him by making my point without pointing. Plus, I seem to be boring even myself.

Jodi: "Oh, Edward."
Edward: "Oh, me."

This snapshot either preceded or followed a fantastic story involving a potential intruder, a set of footprints in the snow, a teenage peeping tom, a house full of lesbians hot-tubbing it in the moonlight, and Edward's unimpeachable morality. But I forget the details.

Up way too late, Max announces his intentions to rule the world Mussolini-style.

The next morning had a flurry of snow on it and on my car. Kris snapped this from the inside as Alec and I struggle to stay upright and clear the windshield in the gale-force 2 mph winds.

Max and Alec enjoy getting the obligatory manual-labor phase of life out of the way early.

No matter what his grin might imply, Max does not plan on running after the car as he unleashes a fusillade of snowballs.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Name that phrase

Man does not live by bread alone.


Bing Crosby, Merry Christmas.

Van Morrison, Into the Music.

Iron & Wine, Our Endless Numbered Days.

Mylo, Destroy Rock & Roll.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Through a pinhole

Death Cab For Cutie, Transatlanticism.

Sigur Ros, Takk...

Debussy, Preludes Book I, Images Book I, Estampes.

Animal Collective, Feels.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Rabbit Fur Coat.

Death Cab For Cutie, We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes.

Chet Baker, Chet Baker Sings "It Could Happen To You".

Death Cab For Cutie, Plans.


Why all the Death Cab? Oh, just going to see them tonight at the Joint. Why the Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins? Oh, they'll be opening for Death Cab. Why the Animal Collective? Because it's awesome. Why the Chet Baker? Because I like to falsetto-sing along with him as I'm reading student papers. Obviously.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Columnated ruins domino

Debussy, Melodies.

Debussy, Preludes Book I / Images Book I.

Lambchop, Is a Woman.

Brian Wilson, Smile.


Happening this Saturday.


Certain shirts I'd purloined from him show up in the tectonic bottom levels of my dresser drawers - stuff I don't often wear but which I "borrowed" and never returned. It's possible to do this sort of theft during the college years, when you're home on break and your sibling's not around to cry foul or sucker-punch you for taking what's theirs.


"You'll grow old if you know too much." - Yevgeny Vassilovitch Bazarov