Disruptive Juxtaposition

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Joie de vivre

The Celebration of Life party that we're holding for Jon is today. Here's where it'll all go down. We're expecting around 100-120 people... and that's including you, of course. Be sure to hit:

~ The white tent (unpictured) in the yard to the right of the gazebo, for that is where the catered Dinosaur BBQ will be.

~ The pool, which as of last night was 86 degrees F.

~ The white lifeguard chair the dad built in a day's time, where you can apply some zinc oxide to the nose and have your lifeguarding dreams temporarily realized.

~ The cabana on the left, where there'll be 2 kegs, hard liquors and mixers, various too-sweet Schnapps, and one of those "What I Really Learned in College" posters with pictures of various shots. Okay, maybe not that last one. But as for the rest, hey. What are we if not a bunch of Russkies and Irishmen?


Stories to come soon.