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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Columnated ruins domino

Debussy, Melodies.

Debussy, Preludes Book I / Images Book I.

Lambchop, Is a Woman.

Brian Wilson, Smile.


Happening this Saturday.


Certain shirts I'd purloined from him show up in the tectonic bottom levels of my dresser drawers - stuff I don't often wear but which I "borrowed" and never returned. It's possible to do this sort of theft during the college years, when you're home on break and your sibling's not around to cry foul or sucker-punch you for taking what's theirs.


"You'll grow old if you know too much." - Yevgeny Vassilovitch Bazarov


  • And here I thought only sisters "borrowed" each others' clothes.

    By Blogger junebee, at 10:06 AM  

  • I, for one, am a sweatpants stealer. There, I said it.

    More importantly, I stumbled onto the site below early this morning, and while it doesn't look so terribly earth-shattering at first glance, I dug around for much longer than I thought I would, and soon enough I found myself nodding vigorously in the face of every new page I viewed. I don't know what you'll think of it, but I thought I'd share it here, in this more public format, because I honestly think some of the resources linked/posted there are truly worth the time for those who might need it. Especially as we approach Christmas. Check it out:


    And while I'm at it: I, for one, am looking forward to hearing details of the Walk. The same event took place here this weekend. I saw an advert on the T and even thought about participating, such a good cause it is. Next time, on more notice, I will. I hope it was an uplifting experience for you, and if you ever need sponsors for that kind of thing, don't hesitate to ask.

    Expect a long, long letter sometime...soonish. ;0

    In the interim, be well!

    By Anonymous Em C., at 1:39 PM  

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